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Shenzhen Huilijie Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huilijie Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading chip agent and solution provider. The products represented by the company represent advanced technology and stable and reliable performance in various application fields. Whether customers need more competitive products with more cost performance, or need to be mature and stable, or develop and respond to harsh products, we can You provide the actual solution or reference design. The company's HK (Airline), NCE, PHY, KUNGFU, EUTECH and other brands are competitive in their respective fields. The strong product of leadership, the company is constantly learning and growing while cooperating with these excellent enterprises, constantly maintaining progress and win-win, and gradually becoming a channel brand with market influence.

Shenzhen Huilijie Electronics Co., Ltd. Address: 4th and 5th floor, Block C, Qidi Technology Park, No. 2 Jianmin Road, Nanwan Street, Longgang District, ShenzhenMOBILE
TEL:0755-83550699 FAX:0755-83558499 E-mail:sales22@ web:www.
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